We cannot imagine a life without electricity. In 21st century it’s impossible to live without it because we use many appliances that work with the flow of electricity. Sometimes faults occur in our electrical system and we want to fix it as soon as possible. Many people don’t understand the complexity of domestic wiring and seeks for electrical repair service. As we know that electricity is potentially dangerous therefore it is always recommended that you hire licensed electrical services when you need any electrical work carried out.

Whether there is a need to mend a line, rewire your house or premises, replace a socket, we should contract a licensed electrician. Below are few tips to assist you in finding a reliable local electrician.

  • Ask the electric service provider how long they have been in business. The longer they been in business the better they will be.
  • Ask the electric service provider whether they are certified (licensed). You may easily know about the most important certification in your country.
  • Ask the electric service provider for credentials and references from past clients. This is common sense but surprisingly, many people fail to ask this question. Such credentials and references can help you learn a great deal about a provider.
  • When looking for an electric service provider, ask your family members, friends and neighbors for contacts of reliable electrical contractor they have worked with in the past.

Range of Services

Most electrical contractors offer a wide range of services. Below are some of the services that a good contractor should be able to provide:

  • Installation of power points
  • Supply and installation of light fittings, including LED downlights
  • Installation of phone and data outlets
  • Wall mounted TV
  • Electric oven installations and repairs
  • Electric Hot water systems installed and repaired
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Safety switches (RCD and RCBO) installed and tested.
  • Fault finding and fixation

However, it is important to note that some electrical contractors specialize in certain types of work only. So you may find a highly specialized electrician according to the nature of your job.

Finally, be sure that your electrical contractor is familiar with all local and national regulations. Some projects may require permits and inspections. A certified electrical services provider will be able to guide you about the permits needed and ensure that your project passes any necessary inspections.

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